Etherium or ETH has been the buzz for a while now and continued to increase in value month after month.

Created by a young Russian programmer, Vitalik Buterin who was introduced to bitcoin by his dad and then later decided to create another platform that supported “smart contracts” as bitcoin isn’t capable of this.

Its no surprise that investors want ETH in their portfolios. Younger and with lessons learnt from Bitcoin its a robust solution begging for better and better implementation into everyday use. Seems like a no-brainer right? Well, who knows!

So How Do I Buy ETH in NZ?

Buying Etherium (ETH) directly from New Zealand with kiwi dollars (fiat) is still a little tricky despite offered alongside Bitcoin on some vendor platforms overseas. Buying ETH in New Zealand is a simple problem to solve by firstly busing Bitcoin (BTC) and exchanging it on an exchange.

This is the process I suggest to buy and invest in Etherum from NZ:

  1. Get a secure wallet to store your Etherum. See my suggestions on storing cryptocurrencies here but also check out the free app for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac built by Anthony Diiorio, Etherum co-founder! Also holds Bitcoin and other digital assets/currencies.
  2. Buy some Bitcoin that you can trade for Etherum on an exchange. See how to get Bitcoin in New Zealand here.
  3. Send your Bitcoin to an exchange like Binance and trade it for Etherium, withdrawal your newly acquired Etherium to your wallet of choice. Trading on an exchange is also simple enough, for a step by step guide you can check out my “How To Trade Cryptocurrencies” page.

Etherium has been a solid investment for many. Even with a shake-up of the industry its unlikely that ETH will ever be pushed right out. The hope is that the trend will continue and it will continue to compete for the number one spot in the Cryptocurrency world.

Don’t forget to grab my three top portfolio picks and feel free to ask questions or contribute in the comments below.

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