Reduce the risk of being hacked by:

  • Use reputable, secure wallets to store your cryptocurrency. See below.

  • Mobile phones are more secure than your computer so transfer coins and tokens to mobile-based wallets on your phone when possible.

  • Bookmark web pages you will need and use the bookmark to access the page in the future.

  • Always set up the recovery/backup option for wallets. Its usually a dozen words in English you can write down and keep separate and safe.

  • Enable 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) on all websites you hold an account. You usually find this is the security account setting. It will require you to have and access the “Google Authenticator” app on your phone but its an essential level of security.

  • Never disclose your logins or private keys to ANY party. Use a password manager like LastPass, so your logins are complex and unique.

My recommendation is the Ledger Nano S Wallet for storing your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency safely.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Recommendations

For security, I’d always a recommend a hardware wallet. It’s  a removable from the computer so not accessible to outside sources. Consider a hardware wallet especially if your holding over a months salary in digital assets. You are however looking at more than $200 for the Ledger Nano S (market leader). To get one, I think its easiest to grab it on Amazon US here, and you’ll have it in a couple of days.

A close number two and a temporary option is Jaxx. It’s free to use the app created by Etherum co-founder Anthony Diiorio and runs on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and other platforms. It holds all significant cryptocurrencies. You can search for it on the iOS App Store/Google play or grab it from their website Make sure you go to settings and create a backup as soon as you set it up.

Not all currencies are available on all wallets so in some cases you will need to get a currency specific wallet. Do your due diligence or contact the company directly and ask for their recommendation.

Three Recommendations For Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio